Jinsei wa banzzaiii

Life is fair enough, move & I get it, don't move & I go nowhere

23 November 1986
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2014: This LJ becomes a place to rant already ^^

Update from Sep 2008, I'll post stuffs 'bout Korean music here as well ^^~

2008: There's one word in my life, it's "music". My LJ is dedicated to Jpop and Japanese music in general. Here I wanna share my thoughts about my beloved Japanese songs and melodies. I do sub too, feel free to request (but please notice this: I don't translate ^^!)

I'd love to be friends with everyone. I'm easy-going but please no bashing ANY artists or other people when talking to me. I hate it the most.

More 'bout me & my interest, please take a look at my 1st ever entry ^___^

My goal now: One more year to be free from uni, I wanna learn Japanese & Korean a.s.a.p.